Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chapter 70 - Legislature's numbers

The legislature released its target numbers for Chapter 70 aid today. I can't tell if they have done anything about fixing the surtax on "high effort" members of regional schools or not, but they do appear to have improved the distribution of aid, as shown in their plot for locales awaiting target share aid to the right.

Chart reading guide at bottom of message ; click on either chart to expand)

Compare this plot with the plot from House1.

These two plots sort the 180 or so locales waiting for additional school aid , ordered by the fraction of their foundation budget of shortfall. The darker line in each plot represents the target, while the red dots (or purple dots) represent actual aid allocations in the Legislatures, and the House1, preliminary numbers.

The main point of interest in the two plots is that a number of locales awaiting significant increases of aid were stuck in minimum $50 increment cellar in the House1 plot, while in the legislature's numbers, the dominant trend line of the red dots is a 30% phase-in towards the target. The legislature much more uniformly brings locales towards their target.

Kudos to the legislature for not leaving 86 cities, towns, and regional school districts behind.


Blogger MassParent said...

The one data point below the line (between 230 and 250) is a transcription error. I'd shortchanged Woburn $700K while cutting and pasting numbers from the legislature's text file into the models spreadsheet.

April 04, 2007  

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